I’ve worn a number of hats, but they all address one goal. Creating a platform for people, things, and ideas' stories to become memorable human interactions. 

As a UX designer, marketing strategist, content producer and entrepreneur I’ve seen how being able to identify a user’s needs and wants enables a team to accurately curate a brand experience that yields increased conversion rates, sales, and impressions to name a few. 

I also know the bad taste a user gets when a brand has not accurately identified their customers’ wants or needs. The interaction is not seamless across all platforms and company goals are not met… 

If you’re looking for someone who can not only curate and design aesthetically pleasing assets or memorable activations, but can also deliver an end to end user experience that increases engagement by 230%, ‘think outside the box’ and develop marketing campaigns executed on time and within budget, I think I fit the bill.

Since design, marketing, consumer experiences and I are old friends, I’ll be able to hit the ground running—and whether it’s developing marketing proposals for clients within 24 hours or coordinating with cross-functional teams to execute a campaign within four weeks, I’ve done it all. Most importantly, you’ll never hear me say, “That’s not my job!”

Oh yeah, did I mention my side hustle is an all natural beauty brand that launched in 2015. The brand has been featured in ELLE, ESSENCE, Huffington Post, and BET to name a few. Click to learn more about my work with BASE BUTTER

If you’re interested in grabbing matcha lattes or tacos and talking creative strategy, digital marketing or music, feel free to contact me at sheneil.m.johnson@gmail.com.